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By This Axe I Rule! #5

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PLEASE READ!! If you want to buy more copies than those above, please send me a message to bythisaxeirulefanzine(at)disroot.org

English written, A5 format, 108 pages, black&white, pro-printed.

Interviews with SIEGE (us), SPIRITUS MORTIS (fi), EMBALMED SOULS (br), AGATUS (gr), DEAD CONGREGATION (gr), COME TO GRIEF (us), CROM (us), EXECRATION (no), KHTHONIIK CERVIIKS (ge), DRUID LORD (us), THONIS (us), ACT OF IMPALEMENT (us), BODYBAG (sp), WINTERING (us), PLANAR DEFORMATION (us), ASCENDED / KRYPTS / STENCH OF DECAY / VORUM (2009) (fi) + Dutch Doom/Death Metal special report (II of II) + Reviews + Nonsenses!!

List of distros/labels which will have, already have or had copies of By This Axe I Rule! #5 in stock!!

---- Chile ----
Australis Records
---- England ----
Aesthetic Death Records
Cult Never Dies
---- Germany ----
Destruktion Records
Schattenmann Publishings
---- Greece ----
Fryktos Burnings
---- Finland ----
Gate of Deliria
---- Italy ----
Everlasting Spew Records
Terror from Hell Records
---- Poland ----
Morbid Chapel Records
Selfmadegod Records
---- Spain ----
Absurda Existencia Records
Bloody Productions
Memento Mori
---- The Netherlands ----
Dawnbreed Records
---- USA ----
Hells Headbangers
Lighten Up Sounds
Nuclear War Now!